Dolton & Dowland WI 1956.
Second row down, from left: 5th Wynne Olley, 6th Mrs Fred Folland, 7th May Puddicombe,  8th Pauline Piper (Mrs Mike Woodland).

Third row down: 1st Mrs Fred Holwill, 2nd Mrs Charlie Fishleigh, 4th Ethel Heard, 
6th Mrs Jack Sanders,  9th Mary Lock (Mrs Peter Woodland), 10th Elsie Saunders, 11th Nancy Holwill,
12th Mrs Ron Gill, (Landlady of The Royal Oak).

Forth row down: 2nd Mrs Pickard, 4th Ann Hopper, 5th Mrs Joan Hopper, 6th Mrs Lock, 8th June Clements, 9th Sylvia Pickard (Mrs David Jenkins)

Photo sent in by Bill Baker