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Dolton Households 1841. Dolton Parish Boundaries.
Dolton Households 1851. Dolton History.
Dolton Households 1881. Dolton Residents Vist War Graves.
Dolton Primary School. Wildlife Trust (Halsdon).
Dolton Census 1901. Devon Record Office archive from 1200AD
Census Statistics for Dolton 1801 - 2001. Maps of local area - Dated 1850.
The Lyne family of Dolton (history). Dolton Parish Register - Burials, 1837 to 1896.
Dolton Welfare Trust. Dolton Conservation Area Map.
  Ordnance Survey map of the Dolton area.
Dolton & Dowland Walks. Listed Buildings in Dolton.
St. Edmund's Church. Stafford Barton - A House with History.
St. Edmund's - Whats on this month ? Radio interview - The Evacuee Days (in Dolton).
Provisional list of grade III buildings 1976    
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